Neurodevelopmental Conditions and their impact on Mental Health

Individuals with a neurodevelopmental condition (NDC) can often develop a mental health difficulty as a result of the impact of the condition, or the responses of others to them and their differences. This course will look at common mental health issues and how to avoid and manage them to support children and young people with NDCs. It will also consider when is the time to look for further interventions and how to access these locally and nationally.

Our awareness-raising training will increase your understanding of mental health difficulties associated with neurodevelopmental conditions; developing your skills and confidence with practical strategies to better support children, young people, adults and families living with mental health difficulties associated with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Who is the training for?

This training is designed to support professionals working with children, young people with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs) and their families. It has been developed to provide an awareness and understanding of the day to day challenges of living with NDCs and their impact on mental health.

Training can be delivered as full-day, half-day or twilight sessions with learning outcomes tailored appropriately.

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • recognise the characteristics of autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions
  • recognise the impact of neurodevelopmental conditions on an individual's mental health
  • have considered ways to support mental health difficulties in children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions
  • be able to identify effective ways of working with young people with neurodevelopmental conditions with additional mental health difficulties
  • be able to identify how and when to refer/signpost a child or young person experiencing mental health difficulties

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